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Launch a Learning Dojo
with Galileo

If you think you can do a better job educating the next generation than what’s currently out there, we are here to help.


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What a Galileo Dojo Is

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We are in the process of launching a global network of small local in-person learning centers which we are calling Dojos. This will allow students to have the best of online and offline worlds.

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Start Your Dojo Anywhere in the World

Partner with Galileo to start a Dojo for young people near you. Together, we can combine the best of a global online learning platform and a local, in-person learning community.

Galileo is only a year old and already has students in 28 countries and growing rapidly.

The next step in our growth is to partner with parents and educators like you to create a network of local Dojos (aka microschools) in local communities around the world so students can have the best of both online and offline worlds.

Register with us as a learning champion so we can support you as you build and grow your Dojo.
Online or In-Person
Creating an online Dojo is easy. For those who want a physical Dojo, find a venue to hold your Dojo activities.
Get our training
We’ll help you to understand how to launch a new Self-Directed Education center in your community or online.
Launch your Dojo using our system, marketing materials and platform. Use all our knowledge and offers to recruit families to enroll in your Dojo.

A calling that will
change lives

Bring your passion, creativity, and unique talents to create an environment where kids in your community can thrive.
Become a Learning Coach
From teacher to learning coach. Your main role is to inspire in your students the life-long love of learning.
Be there to encourage
Most kids could use additional emotional and learning support. Someone there for them above and beyond their parents.
A new generation of makers and creators
Stay in touch with our club leaders or become one so you can inspire all our students to become the next generation of makers and creators.

We'll Support You Every Step of the Way

You'll get lots of training and support to help you launch a successful Dojo.
Next Steps
Apply TodayWe will review your application and if approved, you can move to the next step.
Take our Free Launch your Dojo courseThis is a 1 month online course to help you understand what you need to do to get started.
Take our Free SDE course for EducatorsThis is a 1 month online course to learn more about Self-Directed Education and Galileo’s approach to learning.
Take our Future of Education CourseUnderstand the changes and predictions about the future of learning so you can design your Dojo and better prepare your students for the future.
Join Galileo’s Educators CommunityMeet other teachers, facilitators and learning coaches from around the world who are helping us reimagine and transform education.
Visit a DojoIf there are any Dojos near you, we encourage you to visit them to learn more about how they do it.
Take our Get Ready to Launch CourseLearn how to open your Dojo in your physical or virtual community.
Launch Your DojoWithin 2-3 month of applying, you should be ready to launch your Dojo. You can now accept students all year long.

Start your application today

Take the first step to join our network of SDE educators and start a new, amazing journey!