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Self-directed education isn't currently accredited in any country in the world

As a parent, you still need to fulfill the requirements for the state or country you live in.Here are a couple solutions you can use in order to make Galileo your learning partner:

1. Enroll yourself as a homeschooling family (available in many countries ie. USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc.)
2. If allowed in your jurisdiction, use an umbrella school (we recommend West River Academy). We can add the entire learning experience from Galileo on to your child's transcripts.

To learn more about what you can do regarding your child's education, please check our help center and get your questions answered by someone from our team!

Join the Free Learning Network

Join thousands of other families interested in self-directed learning, and get access to tons of resources for your children!

We are accepting new Galileo students every week, so your children don't have to wait until the next school year to start their personalized learning journeys.