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This course is about anthropology and its relevance to seeing ourselves and others
By Len Loving - Educator


Course description:

This course is about anthropology and its relevance to seeing ourselves and others.


By the end of this course, students will know about and be familiar with anthropology as a distinct discipline among the (social) sciences. Students will have a better understanding of personal bias, a refreshed perspective of how we see other cultures and have the opportunity to apply this to their own goals and interests.

About the Facilitator:

Hello, I’m Len Loving. I am very excited to bring this nanocourse on anthropology to Galileo’s students. I have been passionate about language and culture since as long as I can remember. Afterall, anthropology ended up being my academic background with an emphasis on Near Eastern languages and history.

Anthropological approaches have always remained active in my life from my volunteer work in post-war Arab community outreach, to my work in human resources bridging cross-religious/linguistic differences and my work in academic (both undergraduate and graduate) applications.

Anthropology has been an indispensable part of my life experience, as well, especially as a permanent resident in Japan. My current ethnographic interests are focused on local non-Japanese residential transition from a position of precarity in their homeland to a position of stability and future security in Japan, a country with evolving immigration policies. I’m also interested in the evolving nature of Japanese identity as it continues to globalize and adapt.

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