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Changemakers Club

Do you want to be a changemaker in your community or our world? You may already know which global issue you want to address, but you don’t know how.
By Oliver Lewin & Elizabeth Street - Club Leader


Club Experience

Do you want to be a changemaker in your community or our world? You may already know which global issue you want to address, but you don’t know how. Maybe you want to have a global impact, but you are in need of some guidance. Bring skills you’ve learned in other Galileo Clubs and nanocourses to help improve your community and the world!

This Club will examine problems, strategies, solutions, and real-life youth changemakers over the course of each month. We will explore the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world.


* Europe / Asia Meetup: Fridays at 6am PST/2pm GMT 
* America Meetup: Fridays at 2pm PST

Learning Goals

Each month, students will research a new topic, where they will attempt to uncover the reasons behind these issues. Students will create awareness (through posters, short films or magazine articles) and at the end of each topic, there may be a ‘Service Day’, in which club members and anybody who wants to join, will get together to do something positive for their community.

About the Club Teachers

Elizabeth is a life-long learner and creative strategist who is passionate about sustainability, community building, and minimalism. She spent over ten years working for the United States Government in a variety of capacities; however, she always has a few passion projects on the side. While working as a US Diplomat, Elizabeth launched a green and wellness initiative at the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam. She led the creation of two teams of volunteers to address human rights issues in the surrounding areas. The teams were composed of both Tanzanians and US Citizens. This resulted in the establishment of two permanent positions to ensure longevity of these ideals. Elizabeth loves to help individuals define their goals and assess what is needed to achieve success. She believes in the strength of collaboration and strives to ensure that all are supported, in both personal and professional wellbeing. Elizabeth is the mother of two self-directed students with whom she is continuing to explore the world. She graduated with a Masters of Public Administration and lived in Japan, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Tanzania, and Mexico and will soon move to Greece.

Oliver has always had a passion for teaching, which has taken him around the world, living and working in Europe and Asia over the last five years. Through his travels and explorations, his students have become his teachers. Oliver excitedly seeks out opportunities to learn about different cultures and ways of life as he believes that is it critical to learn about others’ lives and arrive at a common understanding. In discussions, conversations, and being open, he hopes we can find the commonalities that unite us and work together to create a future we want for our communities and world. His main goals as a facilitator are to inspire his students to work together and to help each other to reach their goals and to help find their meaning. He believes that age is not important in changing the world and that anyone can make a difference. Oliver capitalizes on a common interest in video games to inspire the next generation and uses those tools to develop innovative solutions to challenges our communities face.

Time Required

Fifty minutes of live class per week, plus between 1-3 hours per week for additional work outside of class.

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