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Coding Club Pro

Learning the ins and outs of one of the most popular programming languages in the world (JavaScript) with an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’
By Sammy Nyakabau - Club Leader


Club Experience

We will be learning JavaScript from beginner level to advanced. The main tool of instruction will be the Mosh website, facilitated by one of the best instructors in the world.

On top of that, students will be provided with premium reading materials as well as videos to guide them through our weekly meetups. These activities are designed to effectively prepare them for the software engineering world. experienced programmers and we help them polish their skills. Lastly, we appreciate the presence of “pro-programmers”, we value your inputs and hope this helps you to become even better.

What to expect

During our weekly meetups, we cover the concept of JavaScript which was chosen by our students from the Code With Mosh JavaScript course.

I provide you with a boilerplate code on how to use the JavaScript Concept.

We participate in in-class code sprints where students solve a couple of problems using the learned concept of the day. Added to our curriculum is freeCodeCamp which allows students to self-pace their learning and actively apply the concepts learned from Code With Mosh by solving programming challenges.

Our meetups are contingent on the assumption that students are actively watching the Code With Mosh JavaScript Course.


* Europe / Asia Meetup: Wednesday at 2pm GMT
* America Meetup: Mondays at 10 am PST

Learning Goals

Learning the ins and outs of one of the most popular programming languages in the world with an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’

* Be familiar with popular code editors like vscode
* Dive into Object Oriented Programming
* Understand the merits of Functional programming and applying it to solving coding problems
* Ability to debug and refactor programs and write future-proof JavaScript code 

About the Club Teacher

Since Sammy was young, he started become actively involved in school helpdesks, helping other students with their homework and clarifying class activities. At high school, he started a programming helpdesk which helped students of all streams with their programming assignments.

In Galileo’s coding club, Sammy works with students to impart the knowledge he has gained over time and to give them the opportunity to ask him questions and discuss challenges specific to their self-directed learning progress throughout the week.

Sammy is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics. He is currently into full stack web development and is also dabbling in the world of competitive programming.

Other Resources

Code With Mosh: One of the best instructors out there! Join us to benefit from his wealth of knowledge.Mosh

Books (JavaScript): This is a compiled list of booksabout JavaScript that are available, for free. Use them for reference

Online Tutorials: Learning a concept from different sources can prove to be really helpful since everyone has their own way of explaining things. Feel like you want to hear a fresh voice? This is a compiled list of freely available online JavaScript Courses.

YouTube Tutorials: Did you know that YouTube also has educational content and not just cat videos? Say you want to review a certain JavaScript Concept? Follow the Tech YouTubers that provide educational content. This will help you with project ideas and teach you some new languages and frameworks. .

Time Required

One hour of live classes weekly

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