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Entrepreneurship for kids and teens

Would you like to make your own money? If you have a business already would you like to expand it to other markets, pivot or even scale its reach? Each student will come up with their own business idea and sell it for money.
By Stacey Piercey - Entrepreneur


Come join me for 8 WEEKS!

Join my channel today AND if you have an existing business, tell me about it! OR If you have a goal for the money you will make, share that too!

For all of May and June I (Stacey) will walk new and seasoned entrepreneurs through starting a business. By the end of 8 weeks, you absolutely will have a product or service (even its just a one-time deal) you can sell and make your own money.

Week 1:

Come May 7th and I’ll show you the plan for the coming weeks and anyone that already has a business can bring it to class and show it off. I’ll answer all your “yeah but” and “what if” questions. By the end of class, you will be super excited. I promise! :)

Going from there we will work through:

Week 2:

Find your perfect offering based in your own passions and interests, and clearly define who you are selling to (existing business owners this is a great exercise to realize the ‘why’ of your business). Prep for pitching your idea: How to give and receive feedback.

Week 3:

Pitch your idea to the group with either a drawing or actual prototype. Learn how to determine the base cost of your product or service. How will you fund it? Options for finding the money you need start will be covered including crowdfunding. Introduction to prototype testing, iterative design and the Lean Startup Method. (If there are any digital ideas in the group I’ll do a quick review of usability methods and heuristics)

Week 4:

Determine the price you will sell your product or service for…do you use the cost plus or value plus model to decide your price? Introduce market research. What are profits? How much could you actually make?

Week 5:

How will people hear about your business? Marketing 101 plus a whole lot more!

Week 6:

Packaging and sales - how does your product present itself to others? Sales skills and ideas for those that hate sales (introverts and shy folks I’m talking to you).

Week 7:

Where will you sell your product or service? This is a huge topic and I will help everyone find the best market for their business. Especially when selling in person is impossible right now.

Week 8:

Woohoo! Show me the money! This is the “profits and loss” class. Financials, taxes and everything you can do with your money. Yes - it’s your money. If you want to spend it all on Roblox or buy that guitar you have always wanted, that’s up to you! However, we will discuss other options such as paying back investors (that’s BEFORE the spending spree), reinvesting in your business (so you can make more money), savings, giving back (charity) and the opportunity to create a social enterprise, are all covered.

What I WON’T be doing is teaching you how to write a business plan. My unschooled teens would say “that smells like school”. ;) Nor do I suggest business ideas for you to try. The idea will be all yours.

After teaching this class to over 500 kids and teens just like you, I have discovered the more school-y and complicated I make it - the less fun it is.

There are no rules for this class because you are the boss! That’s one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur - you get to decide everything, you are in charge!

Starting a business is not EASY and it takes HARD WORK, but it is incredibly fun and exciting.

“The hardest-working people don’t work hard because they’re disciplined. They work hard because working on an exciting problem is fun.” - Drew Houston, Founder and CEO of Dropbox.

I’m looking forward to seeing all your amazing ideas!

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