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Introduction to Programming with Scratch

Coding is one of the most on-demand skills across industries. In Introduction to Programming with SCRATCH, students had the chance to collaborate, communicate, solve problems and use critical thinking skills to complete different activities. Using the SCRATCH website students explored the community, created their own projects, and gave helpful and appropriate feedback to their peers.
By Elia Yaremchuk - Teacher


Galileo’s nanocourse Introduction to Coding with Scratch will help students get started in a fun and engaging environment. They can create their own games and apps, strengthen their creativity and problem solving skills and manage their frustration while tackling challenges.

Whether they are brand new coders or have done coding before, this nanocourse will help them dig deeper into coding, use their creativity, collaborate, communicate, solve problems, and use their critical thinking skills to complete different activities.

Students will use the Scratch website to explore the Scratch community, add projects and give helpful and appropriate feedback on other projects. Everyone will be engaged in creating exploratory projects, while leading up to building longer programs in an open-ended project about each of their personal interests.

Weekly challenge details will be provided by the moderator, once the course gets started.

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