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Launch a Digital Magazine

In this Nanocourse, you will learn about the structure of a magazine, where everything goes, and why! You will create your own amazing articles, interviews, beautiful advertisement pages, and more!
By Corina Lewin - Teacher


Course Description

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the covers of a cool magazine? Join this Nanocourse to find out more about how to put together a page-turner that can inform and inspire others!

We’re going to create an amazing, digital magazine. Not convinced yet? Magazines have it all! Art, design, advertisements (hint to the entrepreneurs who want publicity), photography, writing, journalism and magic!

We are going to explore the structure of a magazine, where everything goes and why! You can create your own advertisement pages, articles, interviews and more!

This Nanocourse will tick all your boxes!

* Collaboration and Interpersonal Skills 
* Critical Thinking and Decision Making
* Leadership 
* Organization
* Problem Solving 
* Verbal Communication and Presentation
* Written Communication

After completing this nanocourse, you will be able to create your own digital magazine from scratch! Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator challenges are also available!

#### Week 1: Brainstorm and identify magazine * Topic * Audience * Contents and article topics

Week 2: Research, Writing, and Editing

* Conduct an interview 
* Draft an argumentative article - edit and revise (HW?) 
* Informational article research

Week 3: Art, Advertising and Marketing

* Gather art and graphics
* Create an advertisement
* Design magazine cover
* Promote and market the mag (prep. message for the Galileo newsletter?)

Week 4: Project’s Presentation/ Publishing

* Create a table of contents
* Review for publication 
* Final presentation

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