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Logo Design

Our Logo Design Nanocourse is a hands-on, practical course in which students will conceptualize and create an actual logo for a project of their choice.
By Mareile Paley - Designer



Our Logo Design Nanocourse is a hands-on, practical course in which students will conceptualize and create an actual logo for a project of their choice.

Learning Goal

* What makes a good logo?
* hat is branding / corporate ID?
* Tools and Tips to create your logo from scratch
* Borrowing vs. stealing - the ethics of using sources from the internet

Plan per Week:

Week 1 - A brief history of logo design. From Apple to Zara

* What is a logo?
* What makes a good logo?
* Basic elements of a logo. 
* What is the difference between a Logotype and a Logomark?
* The evolution of a logo over time

Assignment: Decide on your logo project. Define the ‘soul’ of your brand/project/product in 5 words.

Week 2 - Do I need a logo, and where do I start?

* Conceptualizing your logo needs
* Understanding your brand (and your target audience!)
* Doing the research (google is your best friend!)
* Start sketching/create a mood board.
* A quick dive into the power of fonts

Assignment: Create a mood board

Week 3 - From black & white to color & beyond

* Review of mood boards
* Tips on the appropriate software to use 
* Narrow your choice and reflect. 
* Study market (clients, potential customers) reactions

Assignment: Present three versions in black and white only!

Week 4 - Project’s Presentation

Review of logos. Define necessary applications of your logo (social media, website, correspondence, products, future needs, posters, flyers, exhibition booth, video animation, etc.) Discussion: borrowing, stealing, trademarking, copyright.

Final Assignment:

Final logo presented on at least three different applications Students can use a social media profile, business cards, merchandise, 3-D objects, patterns or a website.

About the Facilitator

Mareile ‘was born to be a Graphic Designer.’ Following her dreams, she left her native Munich town at age 19 to study Communication Design in New York.

Driven by a passion for travel and exploring the more remote corners of the world, Mareile decided to trade in a budding design career at Calvin Klein and left the Big Apple for the mountains of Pakistan. For many years to come, Mareile worked as a freelance art director and consultant for NGOs such as the Aga Khan Foundation, IUCN, WWF, traveling and living in remote mountain regions in Asia.

In 2002 Mareile and her husband moved to Hong Kong, and Mareile joined Kactus Design Ltd as Senior Art Director, overseeing a team of junior designers. This gave her a first glimpse of her joy for teaching her craft to others. In 2009 Mareile founded Paleymotion Ltd, a graphic design and multimedia company and has worked for a variety of clients all over the globe.

Mareile has led graphic design workshops in Tajikistan and Pakistan, has worked as a consultant for the UN in Afghanistan and today, is a successful entrepreneur with a base in Portugal.

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