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Life is about concessions. People think negotiation is a business trait, but it’s simply part of our everyday lives. Being a good negotiator helps to improve relationships with everyone. In this Nanocourse, we help students experiment with several tools and techniques (e.g. tactical empathy, mirroring, etc.) that may help win arguments and be effective negotiators in the long run.
By Yhosemar Mendez - Entrepreneur


Negotiation is simply a mode of settling disagreements by avoiding conflicts and reaching a common conclusion.

Based on Chris Voss - The Art of Negotiation Masterclass, this nanocourse will help our students experiment with tools and techniques that might help them convince their counterparts and be effective negotiators.

We will focus on weekly exercises and debates to help our students to practice these skills. All the workload connected with this course will occur during the live session.

Week 1: Tactical Empathy

Aim: Show students how using simple tools they can gather information from their counterpart without sharing their own. So they can genuinely establish empathy.

* What’s Tactical Empathy? 
* What’s deference?
* Mirroring: What is it? and examples;
* Labelling: What is it? and examples;
* 4 live exercises: 2 as negotiators and 2 as counterparts

Week 2: Voice & Body Language & Calibrated Questions

Aim: Help students get familiar with a few elements (e.g. voice type) that can turn their rivals/counterparts into collaborators and win trust.

* Voices types; assertive, playful and late night radio DJ type. Inflection types; inquisitive and declarative effects
* The 7-38-55 Rule
* How to calibrate questions?
* How to create the illusion of control?
* 4 live exercises, to master voice types and calibrated questions.

Week 3: The Value of No, Accusations Audit

Aim: Help students learn techniques used by experts to shape counterparts’ thinking

* The Value of No: Examples
* Accusations Audit: Examples
* 4 live exercises, to practice while learning.

Week 4: Bargaining Strategies & Black Swans

Aim: Help students get familiar with bargaining techniques. Also learn how to nudge counterparts to reveal “black swans” or innocuous information that once is revealed, can change the course of the whole negotiation.

* The Ackerman system What are black swans? How to find them?
* 2 live exercises, to  practice while learning.

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