Introduction to Virology

Virology is the study of viruses. A helpful discipline in the world of Biotech. This nanodegree will help students discover why viruses are so different from other organisms and how by studying them we could learn how to develop vaccines and control future outbreaks.
By David Ruchman - Teacher

This course is an introduction to Microorganisms with more emphasis on Viruses. It consists of a brief introduction regarding what viruses are, how it propagates, the mechanism of infection to a host cell, immune response and an introduction to DNA. In addition, we will discuss how to avoid infections by microorganisms, introduction to the terms epidemic and pandemic events and how to respond to such events.

This course will be presented as a PowerPoint presentation with examples and images. It will require interaction from participants as it is structured into four weeks for a duration of one hour per session

Week 1: What is a Virus?

* Characteristics/Morphology History and Importance
* Coronavirus Covid-19
* History
* Covid19 facts

Week 2: Infection and Prevention

* Infection 
* Transmission
* Common Symptoms
* Diagnosis
* Antibodies
* Antibodies Production
* Treatment
* Prevention

Week 3: How to Avoid Epidemic / Pandemic Events?

* Epidemic  
* Pandemic
* Measurements

Week 4: At-Home Experiment presentations

Students will make home-made agar plates and test hygiene efficiency against microorganisms growth.

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