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A Quick Trip to the Future Today

When this question is asked we often see people withdraw themselves from the conversation or predict how global warming will change the way we live.
By Vlad Stan - Co-Founder & CEO


Can you tell us what the future looks like?

No worries, we’ll create the image for you! Your child will be in control of a life left behind by us. They may or may not have the cognitive skills, the technical background or the patience to deal with something simple like a dropped zoom call, so it is up to us to decide what we want to leave them with. Now it gets serious, right?

Our parents used to ask us what I wanted to be when I grew up… and the answer was somehow supposed to amaze them. So, based on this ancient question, think about what your children might be when they grow up.

Most parents would like it if their children grew up to be independent thinkers, leaders and well rounded people overall. At least we think so? But have all parents provided a space for their children to develop independently? Without thinking of the first time they burnt toast or the first time they fell off a bicycle, instead, think of the first time they clapped their hands along with dividing syllables! Or just the first time they dressed themselves while feeling super proud.

The point is, start asking your children what they would want to change if they had the power. You could even ask them what they would want to be remembered for. Ask your child how we could make anything better and see the result of you trusting their opinion.

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