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Galileo team shares why

One of the most phenomenal things about building a global school is the incredible global team that comes to us from all corners of the globe. While this might sound logistically confusing, Galileo always finds a way to make time zones disappear - with a lot of fun, of course!
By Heidi van Heerden - Images by Jenny Paglinawan


This week, we conducted a team meeting with over 20 people from around the world - Vancouver to Japan and everything in between. Our team meets to co-create, collaborate, share ideas and find inspiration. It’s not just a school for the students. Our education team, as well as our parents’ community find this melting pot of cultures to be a learning opportunity for all. Everyone meets regularly and each individual plays an active role in the creation of Galileo.

In this week’s collaboration, we asked our team to list the positive things they’ve experienced while working with Galileo. Here are some of the things they said:

  • “The commitment to self-directed learning with a global community.”
  • ”Empowering and meeting students regularly to watch their passions develop through meaningful connections between the entire community.”
  • “Sincerity, we all care about each other.”
  • “Being part of something visionary with a positive impact on society.”
  • “Diversity of people around the world and we feel accepted no matter our accents.”
    “It is mission-driven - we’re here to change education, it’s not just a job.”
  • “So many options to teach what you are passionate about and seeing my ideas and motivation rub off on students.”
  • “It made my world bigger with more diversity while being a part of an educational paradigm shift.”
  • “Kids enjoy being here, they are not forced and we’re working with a team of inspirational people.”

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