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How to Prepare Your Kids for the Future

When this question is asked we often see people withdraw themselves from the conversation or predict how global warming will change the way we live.
By Galileo Team -


It’s the year 2030 and we finally have those cars we’ve only seen on the Jetsons 🛸

How To Prepare

They say people in old age homes start to forget and become weaker once they stop learning, reading and interacting with people. As sad as this is, it makes so much sense. Students are expected to learn and experience new things, because, let’s be honest, the one thing you need to know in life is to know that you know nothing. But, we forget that this applies to everyone throughout the course of their entire life.

How To Prepare

And on that note, let’s try to delve into a long term thinking way of life. Instead of only preparing yourself and your family for what lies ahead tomorrow, try to prepare them for what may change in the future. Good or bad, they need to dream, their aspirations need to scare them and most importantly, they should be able to discuss this with their family.

How To Prepare

Have a brainstorming session about what life will be like when they reach your age. It doesn’t matter if you see yourself as ancient or just seasonally matured, you’ve lived a life worth discussing. Ask your kids if they think life will change dramatically or whether it will stay exactly the same. Their answers may surprise you, their viewpoints may differ immensely from yours and they might know something that you don’t. Taking all three possibilities into consideration; rest well knowing your child may start hypothesising about life.

How To Prepare

If your child is one of the curious ones, the type of child who constantly asks why and how, simply refer them to these books! Don’t just give them the answers, allow them to find the backstory, even if that story only has a digital back, it is worth the read!

How To Prepare

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