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It's Jawdropping!

Preservative-free ketchup by Rowan Avis
By Heidi van Heerden - Images by Jenny Paglinawan


If you knew what was in ketchup, you’d be shocked. Rowan was six years old when he made a size-changing discovery about the well-renowned tomato sauce. I was today years old when I realized that ketchup is not all it’s made out to be.

Avila and Stacey discuss how a six-year-old changed the face of ketchup and how this entrepreneurial course can benefit you and your kids’ future money-making plans.

Rowan’s first idea was to mix ketchup with potato chips; even though a discouraged friend didn’t like the chips, she changed her mind completely when she mixed it with Rowan’s ketchup! How’s that for taking something good and making it delicious?

Rowan had the idea to start with ice cream next. He would make it with some added bicycle power. The one thing stopping him was the license, not for the bicycle, to make the ice cream.

Ketchup, however, does not require a license. Rowan would try out recipes as a legal eagle without fear of condemnation. Now that’s how I prefer my condiments!

He had some help from his dad to make the ketchup and packaged it in mason jars. The sizes of the jars varied, as did their price. Rowan’s profit was $400, and he had to pay his parents back, $200 each. You know how investors can get.

In year two, Rowan used a different jar which cost him less, and he added labels to spruce things up.

Rowan admits that he would not have made the ketchup if there was no business fair; this motivation is precisely what most of us need.

You want something everybody likes, something they are not allergic to, and something they would actually buy. Finding the right recipe for a food idea, even if it’s the ideation only, is a great start!

This podcast has everything you’d want to inspire you and help you realize that you are never too young or too green to make a difference.

Food for the soul.

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