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Galileo learning and Long Term Thinking

We know you sometimes plan for the week ahead, but how does one really prepare a child for the future?
By Heidi van Heerden - Images by Jenny Paglinawan


Looking back at the year 1942 when kids listened to the radio to do their homework, we could have thought about de-stressing our lives at the start of this pandemic a little bit more, right? Since we found a great way to keep kids educated throughout 2020 with zoom, google drive and probably YouTube, how can we prepare them for anything and everything that lies ahead?

Instead of worrying and buying way too much toilet paper we could have simply rolled with the masks and convinced ourselves and our children that everything will be fine. Somewhere, usually online, you will find what works for you and your family when it comes to online education and if people could do it back in the day with one British radio station, we can do it too!

They say kids react the way we react to certain circumstances… and if I think about the way I cried the first time a horse licked my leg with grass and goo going everywhere, I realize I am the spitting image of my mom. No pun intended, really. If we react calmly to changes, we model this behaviour so our kids are able to adapt to whatever life throws at them in the future.

When your car’s check-engine light comes on, do you throw it away or do you reach for the old book to see what’s up, or down, in this case? Most people go for the textbook, others phone friends who are equipped to deal with such things.

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