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March Programs at Galileo

The month of March is here and we are ready to celebrate it!
By Heidi van Heerden - Images by Jenny Paglinawan


As always, Galileo keeps up with the intelligent side of life with the use of technology. This time, we will kick it up a notch by introducing kids to The Human Side of Artificial Intelligence guided by Danny Gomez. He’ll help Galileo’s students strengthen and develop their constructive thinking, especially when it comes to technology. State of the art technology always seems awesome until we don’t get it. This is why we get the experts to explain it all.

In a recent interview Elon Musk mentioned that his kids taught themselves using YouTube and Reddit. With Galileo’s new Nanocourse called “Launch a Webcast Channel” presented by our very own Keila Moreno. Your kids will learn everything it takes to reach online success from filming to broadcasting. Keila will help the students understand all the elements involved in livestreaming especially when it comes to getting sponsors and using adverts. Keep your eyes and ears open for your kids’ very own Webcast Channel.

As funny as this may sound, in the very same interview Elon Musk supported the above mentioned statement by adding that education should be as engaging as video games. This is a fantastic segway into the conversation starter that is the Game Development Bootcamp Senior in VR, presented by Kristen Montesano and Ian Olney. For those who are unsure, we are talking about virtual reality and we’re even prouder to announce that Galileo’s kids are creating games others can play, and purchase, in VR.

To further develop some out of this world ideas, we’ve got Oliver Lewin presenting you a Space Exploration Nanocourse. He needs all the space exploration enthusiasts to travel to the moon and beyond, in a figurative way of course. Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR), interactive videos, and apps, students will be able to experience both the past and future of space exploration. Galileo’s kids will get inside the minds of astronauts while they solve real life problems space venturers have been faced with.

If you thought we stopped at “out of this orbit” programs, think again! Galileo also focuses on problems within our communities. They will explore the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world. This is where students will work together on their adaptability, self-/community-awareness, creativity, and resilience as they research, create awareness, and make a plan to address the problems people face in their day to day lives. Watch how Elizabeth Streett and Oliver Lewin help the changers of the world in this amazing Changemakers club.

They say we should think outside the box, this is where Galileo re-invents the box completely. In this Arts and Crafts Club by Corina Lewin, kids will discover different periods in Art History while allowing themselves to be inspired by great artists. in order to create their own magic and celebrate the uniqueness of each and every individual. Remember, a way of thinking can be taught, but every person needs their own style to make something really unique. This is what separates the ordinary from the truly sublime.

Our two book clubs, Jupiter and Mars are adequately named with out of this world names. They are also culturally inspired and privately motivated by all sorts of elements. Galileo parents for instance are one of them. The theme of the month is India. For Jupiter book club the crowd favorite was Faces in the water by Ranjit Lal and for Mars book club the students chose Midsummer’s Mayhem by Rajani LaRocca.

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