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Podcast weekly check-in

Inside The Kernel’s weekly check-in. Learn about the things that happened in February and what's to come in the month of March.
By Heidi van Heerden - Images by Jenny Paglinawan

  • Game Development Junior Bootcamp with Kristen and Ian just finished. Kids made games original in design. More Game Dev bootcamp updates to come. Our How to make your own Audiobook nanocourse with Torsten Klaus allowed kids to make audiobooks which can be appreciated on SoundCloud.
  • The startup club led by Stacey Piercey donated their earnings to the Luena foundation. Check out the foundation at
  • In March our book club theme is India. Can you show us how you read a book a month?
  • One of our Nanocourses, presented by Danny Gomez, is The Human Side of Artificial Intelligence and Keila de Morena will guide students as they create their very own Webcast Channel. We’ll also follow kids as they travel through space with Oliver Lewin’s Space Exploration Nanocourse.
  • Our Game Development Senior Bootcamp in VR using Oculus Quest is another experience we cannot stop raving about. Kristen and Ian guide kids to develop games which will be available on the Oculus Quest store too!
  • When it comes to Mentors we have Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter. She discussed Human Rights and social innovation. Food is our passion and boy was it exciting to hear about culinary arts combined with a little bit of tech, withSelma Abualia.
  • Another well known personality is Álvaro Sanmartin. He created an accelerator to help refugees live a better life. Taking care of our world’s fur babies, we have Miguel Ordeñana, a mammal researcher at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. For the final month of March Sylvia Calvo will explain how to recycle used coffee bags to make something fashionable.
  • Our two new clubs for the month of March will inspire you in so many ways. We have a Changemakers Club by Elizabeth Streett and Oliver Lewin, as well as an Arts and Crafts Club by Corina Lewin.

Galileo’s first global check-in hangout was held in the last week of February. Kids absolutely loved checking in with students from other check-in groups. Our education team also had a chance to hang out which allowed everyone to reflect on what it’s like to work with a Global community. We might just make it a monthly thing.

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