The Best Tools for Learning Spanish with Yhosemar Mendez of Galileo

Learn and master the Spanish language quickly and easily with these tools, curated by Yhosemar Mendez of Galileo.
By Kristen Montesano - Outreach Coordinator

In this video we interviewed Yhosemar Mendez of Galileo to hear her recommendation about the best educational tools on ‘how to learn Spanish’.

####The Best Tools for Learning Spanish recommended by Galileo:

Duolingo The very best way for students to learn Spanish is Duolingo. Lessons are bite-sized, you can use it as many times as you want and it has incredible features (such as stories, podcasts, etc.) only for Spanish learning.

Memrise A recommended app for intermediate and advanced students learning Spanish is Memrise. They use flashcards and repetition to help you expand your vocabulary so you can learn Spanish fast. Memrise will have you speaking fluent Spanish in no time.

Basho and Friends Youtube Channel This is one of the best homeschool apps that are recommended for young children especially. It has music videos where they can learn a bunch of new words, one song at a time. Improving in a foreign language has never been this easy.

Easy Spanish Youtube Channel Strongly recommended for intermediate and advanced learners. They interview people on the streets in order to get to know the Spanish language as it is spoken in everyday life. This is similar to a Spanish podcast and it has the best language app reviews too.