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The June Boredom Buster Blog

The Boredom Buster was created to commemorate the hard work and dedication of Galileo students. Whether it was written to entertain the people quarantining at home or created because others realized their passions while stuck between four walls… we’ll never know.
By Written and Created by - Galileo Students


One thing we can tell you is that beauty is in the eye of the boredom buster beholder and in this case, it truly is magical. It includes everything one needs to know about educational games, non-educational ones, and a link to share with family members so they can join in the fun too! 

If you are as curious or in the dark as the rest of us when it comes to LGBTQ with or without the plus, just read the magazine to see how students can educate us all. 

Since the world is filled with critical people, why not use that judgment to write some fact-hitting reviews about your favorite sites and restaurants? If you aren’t too sure how to do it, the kids at Galileo know just how to mix a little bit of compliment with a tiny bit of critique.

Furthermore, find out how one student raised a treat and trained a dog while the other sat down to interview a great mind. Speaking of treats, this art-filled magazine even has some health tips when it comes to making that morning smoothie you’ve been dreaming of. 

I hope you have a nutritious day while reading this art piece! 

The self-directed June Boredom Buster.

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