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The Future Club

When this question is asked we often see people withdraw themselves from the conversation or predict how global warming will change the way we live.
By Yosemar Mendez - Club Leader


Science fiction movies are known to have a little bit of truth and a whole lot of creepy in them, right?

But have you thought about the exact thing that scares you about these movies? It’s the unknown, the possibility that it may be true and the evidence based on historic events which leads us to believe that these things can happen.

To get you out of the movie sphere and into the act of thinking ahead, we want to introduce you to futurology. Students will learn to use futurology to predict future events based on a mixture of current events and social science which, believe it or not, is parallel to history.

This will teach students to use design thinking in order to reimagine and create new products as well as services to their future markets. Nothing is mandatory, yet in this case anything can be out of this world.

How do you imagine your future?

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