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The School Redesigned

We do not force our students to attend any classes or boring lectures like traditional schools, but they have the freedom to choose and get inspired by a variety of avant-garde learning experiences.
By Vlad Stan - Co-founder & CEO


At Galileo, we redesigned school from scratch. We do not force our students to attend any classes or boring lectures like traditional schools, but they have the freedom to choose and get inspired by a variety of avant-garde learning experiences. These specially designed programs feature topics like space exploration, coding, 3D modelling, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering in addition to more human-oriented subjects like arts, writing, filmmaking or acting. We go even deeper offering more practical skills, like learning how to learn, how to become an entrepreneur, how to plan a trip on a budget as well as academic topics like math, languages or sciences.

Avant-garde Curriculum

Yes, we agree it can sound challenging to explain these complex topics to our students and even more important to explain why they should learn these topics. But being an online first school, we can now search for the most passionate and most inspiring educators from all around the world. And we have today educators from 17 different countries.

At Galileo, we not only pride ourselves in the various content, but it’s the way the students are shown these concepts and how to digest high-level ideas through a different learning experience.. We design all of our learning experiences to be engaging, inspiring and motivating. We want to enable curiosity and help our students accelerate the learning process. We do not offer traditional classes or lectures. We have spent and heavily invested in research on how we should design all of our learning experiences. We offer check-ins to keep our students accountable and connected. We provide clubs to connect the students with other passionate learners to collaborate and work together. We have nano degrees to model the benefits of project-based learning. We created boot camps to stimulate their learning process and hackathons to help them start in under-pressure environments.

Practically to deliver an avant-garde learning experience, we are continually researching on how to create the perfect blend between the type of content and the content delivery format.

Forward-thining Parent Community

Now you may wonder how kids will socialize? For us, the social aspect is equally important, and we already can see some social interactions which are unprecedented in human history. Both parents and students worldwide can engage and collaborate in ways no traditional school can offer. Yes, the experiences we offer today are online methods to collaborate and cooperate. But soon, we plan to launch a suite of offline learning experiences. First, we plan to organize a few family retreats around the world. We planned to organize the, starting this year, but COVID stopped us, and we plan to launch the first one in S 2022. , Once COVID is contained and the world is safe, we will launch our long waited student exchange program to enable students to visit peer families worldwide. Our latest Dojo project will also allow educators from around the globe to create learning centres where kids can socialize and join learning experiences that cannot be delivered online.

Parents, we are here to support you first. We designed this school for forward-thinking families. Those families who place more value onhelping their children become independent learnersand thinkers, for those who appreciate helping their kids find meaning in life, or for those who appreciate helping their kids find their voice. We admire, and we are honored to serve these families, mainly because they dare to remove their kids from the traditional education system and join such a new and innovative approach like ours. In this way, we have managed to put together a community of the most forward-thinking parents worldwide.

When you join Galileo, you will not join avant-Guard learning experiences for your children, you will also join the most forward-thinking learning community for parents.

The most ingenious community for Students

Now let’s talk about our students. When kids can choose to learn whatever they want, they become confident in their decisions., They become genuinely interested in the topics they are learning and the projects they are creating. This may come as a surprise, but they tend to learn much more when compared with the forced education system. You can easily spot their desire to create and innovate more through daily interactions with students from around the world, constant exposure to so many different cultures and so many different ways of thinking,. These global interactions are also unprecedented in human history. Before Galileo, only top universities like Stanford or Harvard could offer such a diversity of ingenious students. Still, you have to wait until the age of 18 and have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to experience a global network like this.

But with Galileo you children can learn, play and collaborate with other ingenious students from around the world, right now, no matter where you are in the world.

In conclusion, you can say Galileo is the modern school, where your children can become self-directed independent learners, where they can choose from a variety of personalized learning experiences to help them find their voice and meaning in life. You, as a parent, can join a global community of forward-thinking parents, but most importantly, your children can belong to what we believe, is the most ingenious community of children aged 8-18 from around the world.

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