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This Generation Will Be Stepping Foot on Mars

At Galileo, we believe our kids should be exposed to what we consider the fundamental skills for the future. But, because everything we do is only inspirational and not mandatory we need to find the most passionate teachers to inspire our students to teach them new skills.
By - Artist in residence


When this question is asked we often see people withdraw themselves from the conversation or predict how global warming will change the way we live.

“Yes we know therefore we are trying to use those straws that dissolve while drinking a chocolate milkshake. They are gross and we get it; less plastic, stay classic.”

After these two types of people are done with their cup half full or half empty statements, the conversation quiets down and we listen to that small percentage of people who finally get a chance to speak. This is where your mind is blown, your ideas come to life, and where you begin to develop that positive attitude that has the power to inspire people to think outside the box. Or shall I say the earth shaped circle?

Oftentimes we hear people talk about space travel or in this day and age, travel. The people who find a way with no little to no effort. The people who want to explore the unknown or those who want their children to enjoy their education instead of conforming to it, weird isn’t it?

To conclude this galactic-inspired post… what if your child wants to become an astronaut? Better yet, what if your child could be chosen to step foot on Mars? If your offspring wants to be a hockey player, you get them a hockey stick to start practicing. If your kid wants to be a chef you buy them recipe books and taste test their cookies. If your child enjoys computer games, you lend a helping hand when they want to build a computer from scratch.

So the question is, what can you do to prepare this generation to set foot on Mars?

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