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Web Developer - Full Time

Hi! We want you to build a global school for children between 8-18 years old with us!


Welcome to Galileo! 🥳

Our school is based on Self Directed Education (SDE) principles. We are not a traditional school! SDE is “education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the learner, whether or not those activities were chosen deliberately for the purpose of education”. Children who attend our courses are worldschoolers, homeschoolers and off-schoolers. We currently have over 200 students from 28 countries!

⚠️ 🏗️ What we are building 👷‍♂️🚧 ⚠️

At its core a school is a community. Community of facilitators and students, administered by a team that makes sure standards and quality are met. School is also an infrastructure that enables all sorts of interactions and processes. School is an ecosystem of solutions that bring educators and students together, for them to exchange knowledge

Galileo consists of many solutions that talk to each other to provide the most innovative educational experience. Our differentiation is our focus on community and social aspects. We provide live courses, clubs, classes, check-ins, retreats, online community and much more! Find out more on our website

At Galileo, these individual solutions are called “products”.

How we collaborate 💪

We believe in empowering individuals, supporting and enabling them to achieve their potential. Our solution for this, is to distribute our ecosystem into the products. Each product has its owner and responsible team members. Rather than building one massive product, distributing to smaller ones allows us to stay agile, stay startup, move quickly, experiment and improve. This means that we value:

  • Independent thinkers 🤔
  • Entrepreneurial spirit 👨‍💼
  • Agile and ...agile!
  • Staying organized and being a good communicator
  • Being an honest, friendly, respectful and compassionate team member 🤗

Your role

You will be working on an independent product which will require great front-end development skills and a sense for aesthetics as well as communication with non-development team members. You have a good understanding of APIs and are able to create endpoints that support your product. You like to be organised and document your work well in GitHub and comments. You believe in well written documentation. Our requirements are:

  • Proficient with JavaScript (ES6), knowledge of typescript is a plus
  • Expert in HTML & CSS
  • Fair understanding of ReactJs 🎆 and Redux 🥴,
  • experience with other frameworks such as Svelte or Vue are a plus
  • You are familiar with Bootstrap
  • Know how to work with Git Flow
  • Have an understanding of databases, migrations
  • Understanding of interacting with UXers and Designers
  • Ability to work without supervision in a distributed (remote) team
  • Available to work +/- 2 hours 9-17 CEST timezone
  • Good written and spoken English

Required meeting attendance:

  • Daily check-in

We are currently using ReactJs, Firebase, Feathersjs and MongoDB

What you'll love

Be part of a fast growing startup that aims to revolutionize education Be involved in decision making, designing our team and processes - your voice will matter If this sounds exciting, send us your resume, tell a bit about yourself and how you see yourself as part of our team.

We would love to hear from you! To apply please drop us a line at dev [at]
On behalf of Galileo Dev Team
~ 👋 Maté, CTO