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Give Your Child New Ways To Learn. New Skills For Life.

Your child can love learning, engage passionately with new topics, and make progress in all of their new interests. Without you wasting a penny on something they'll open once and never again.

The Way To Help Your Kids Become Who They Want To Be, Not Who Someone Else Thinks They Should Be

Has any of this crossed your mind?

“My children’s happiness and curiosity are fading and I can't sit back and watch.

“My home-educated teens are in a funk and are in need of inspiration.

“I want to learn how to educate my son at home with his own freedom to express himself.

“My almost-9 year old needs more stimulation than we can give her as just her parents.

..While facing the reality that your kids just aren't interested in the content you've been trying out?

There are only so many times you can buy a program hoping your kids will be completely engaged, to realize it’s the same approach with a shiny new brand name: teacher- or adult-led education.

Where did we lose sight of what they really want?

It becomes so important for us as parents to recognize those sparks and feed them. Take that little spark and suggest things that they might like along the same direction and offer resources. I make sure I’m trying to recognize what they're doing and then provide opportunities for expansion, without pressuring them to do anything specific.”

Julie, Galileo Parent

Like Masterclass But Made Especially For Your Kids

Nanos are an opportunity to expose your child to unique topics you might have never thought about. They can become a minimalist, a comedian, a designer, or crypto trader overnight. The freedom to explore makes learning FUN and builds a foundation with engaging, on-demand video courses.

What’s StandUp Comedy About?
Make A Film
How to Start Your Own Business

How to create my own business is my favorite because it helps me learn how to be able to grow big in the business structure!”

Kandon, Galileo Student

Learn What They Love At Their Own Pace. In One Place.

There's a world of engaging topics here for your child to discover. Who they become is up to them when they get to choose the topics they love. Your kids will learn to self-regulate, set goals, and dive into projects.

Break out of the routine with these new, innovative courses. Join the Galileo network, tick off the first Nano, and discover the joy of self-directed learning. Finally, you'll see completed courses and projects, all on their Timeline.

l am loving the Nanos! Right now I am doing ‘How to start your own business’ and ‘How to make your own business pitch.‘ I like that I can do the Nanos at my own pace and whenever I am free. I love that I don't have to wait to get bored or do something too fast and don't fully get to learn the material.”

Carina, Galileo Student

Unlimited access for $49 /month

Give Your Child New Ways To Learn. New Skills For Life.

Fun and engaging topics will help them discover their passions and build a lifelong love of learning.

✅ Flexible learning & freedom to explore new topics

✅ Unlimited access to all on-demand courses

✅ 2+ new courses a month, soon to be tripled

✅ Access to the Galileo network & tons of resources

✅ Original, project-based courses by subject experts

✅ A beautiful, interactive timeline that shows off your child's accomplishments & projects

Your Questions Answered

- How can I be sure my child will learn enough at Galileo?

Who gets to decide what is “enough”?

When kids are interested in a subject, they will learn all there is to know about it. If you’ve ever lived with a Pokemon fan, you’ll know the depth those kids can develop when engaged. Interest and inspiration will always lead to learning. The key is to make sure your kids can access the topics they are interested in.

Galileo offers learning experiences on a huge range of topics. There are some more “traditional” curriculum subjects, and there are also exciting topics that kids might not have had access to until college.

+ How do you ensure that children learn when there is no testing?

Have you ever done well in a test, but not really remembered anything you’ve learned? School tests show the ability to perform well at tests.

The child with exam anxiety could fail the exam, but know more about the topic than the teacher.

The beauty of self-directed learning is that you will see your child’s learning as they are doing it through a project-based model. We hear from a lot of parents that their children eagerly share their learning, talking endlessly about the new things they are discovering and exploring.

And if you ever have any concerns, you can speak to the check-in facilitator to see if your child needs any extra support.

+ Will Galileo prepare my child for college?

This is one of the most common concerns about alternative schooling. How will kids get to go to college if they don’t follow a mainstream school route?

Research by Peter Gray and Gina Riley in 2014 showed that unschooled kids who want to go to college are able to thrive in more structured academic environments. Unschooled kids are already used to being self-motivated and directed. So they adapt well to the academic demands of college.

*At Galileo, we have a partnership with West River Academy who offers accreditation, transcripts, and diplomas. If you want more focused attention and exam support for your child, you can join our Pro Academics program where your child will get all the support they need to pass tests and study core subjects.

+ Do I have to commit to a full year? What if my child doesn’t enjoy it?

We offer a flexible, monthly subscription so that your family can have the freedom to stay or go depending on how your child likes the structure and offerings. We often see families opting in for a yearly plan (because of the savings) after a month or two when their child is fully invested and loving it!

We can pause your tuition subscription for a minimum of one month or however long is needed. We can hold your children's spots in their current class for one month but anything longer than that, we will put them in a class that has space available for their age group.

+ My child is nervous about online learning and meeting new kids through Zoom.

All students have a different level of comfort on camera and we understand that your child may be nervous about showing their face on a Zoom call.

Having the camera off makes it more difficult to meet and get to know your new friends! But students can ease into it.

Each student is assigned an individual Learning Coach who they meet while onboarding to Galileo. Their coach will support them in working through their nervousness.

+ Can children go back into the “traditional” system after doing at-home education?

One of the things that self-directed learners are great at is knowing how to learn! Those "how to learn" skills are critical for success and might mean they find traditional schooling easy.

If a student voluntarily reenters traditional schooling, it's still self-directed education because they are making that choice freely. The path to reintegration may not be straight, but it is very much possible.

+ How much screen time will this program have?

Families should recognize that most of our program happens online and to get the full experience, the students likely have to spend a few hours in front of their screen each day. However, this is ACTIVE, not passive, screen usage. The kids are engaging with their peers, building 3D modeling creations, learning about and debating various topics, and many other cool things!

*The average Galileo student spends between 30 minutes to about five hours in live Galileo activities each day. The exact time varies based on the number of Learning Experiences (LXPs) a student chooses and on which days those activities fall.

+ How can I trust my child to choose their own topics to learn?

We can say with certainty that the mindset shift into self-directed education is definitely ongoing! The first step is to challenge the idea of being "behind." What definition are you comparing your student to?

The second step is to challenge the definition of what learning really is. Learning can appear in many different ways and places.

The third step is to trust the process. While the end goal may be to see your child take control of their life and learning, this does not have to happen overnight. But with time and guidance it will.

+ Will my child learn how to socialize?

Galileo is an incredibly active, online and in-person community where kids can discover their social side. Spaces like Galileo Agora and Clubs are designed to give students opportunities to socialize while they’re learning

When your family goes to visit our in-person learning centers (the Dojos), your kids will have the opportunity to meet their virtual friends around the world!