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Lead an
Online Pod

with Galileo

Enjoy the freedom of running your online pod with kids from all around the world and focus on what you love the most:
Help Students Thrive

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Our Unschooling Student Video

Become a Certified Galileo Facilitator

What does an online pod facilitator do?
When you are ready to move from exploring unschooling to actually embracing the approach you can join our free course to help you understand all the implications.
What is the application process?
Start your application process by filling the form at the end of the page. You will be invited to get our course to become a certified Galileo Facilitator. Once you get this certification you can start your pod with us.
How many pods can I run?
Every certified facilitators can run up to 4 online pods with us. Each pod can have up to 7 students, so you can have up to 28 students with us.
How much time do I need?
As a pod facilitator you need to have around 5 hours a week per pod. First, you have the daily check-ins of 29 min per pod and additional student and family support work for up to 4 more hours a week.

Do what you love the most

At Galileo, faciliators are learning coaches who work with small groups of children where they can really make a change. You create a safe, healthy and inclusive environment with students from around the world. And you help students thrive.

How to Start an Online Pod With Galileo

Our students are happy and engaged because they choose what they want to learn.

Our Unschooling Student Video
Lead an Online Pod

Become a certified
Facilitator With Galileo

Lead Your Online Pod With Galileo

If you have at least 3 years experience working with children, you are fluent in English, you finished our Self-Directed Course for Educators and you are over 21 years old you can start your own pod with Galileo.

The guide is responsible for:

  1. Promoting a positive learning environment for all your students
  2. Help our students connect with ingenious students from all over the world
  3. Helping our students become independent learners
  4. Assisting students in communicating with parents
  5. Helping students update their learning timeline (c)

Help Our Students Thrive

Our Unschooling Student Video

Lead an Online Pod With Galileo

Join our forward-thinking educator's community from around the world and let's offer together the best learning experiences to all our students no matter where they are in the world.