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Galileo Parent's Academy

Supporting parents, educators, and edupreneurs to design and facilitate Self-Directed and Learner Centered environments.

Launching In Early 2022

If you have ever wondered if you are "doing homeschooling right?", thought "How can I engage my students", or wondered how you can foster problem-solving in future generations, the Galileo Academy is here to support you!

The Galileo Academy will launch it's first training cohorts in early 2022, if you are interested in joining please click apply and we will contact you when registration information becomes available.

For Parents

Create A Home Environments For Your Children To Flourish

Whether you’re a homeschooler, or your children are in traditional school but you want to support their education with by learning about self-directed learning, the parent pathway at the Galileo Academy will help you gain confidence in the educational choices you have made for your family.

Throughout the course you will learn about self-directed and learner centered education.

You will discover what environments, strategies, and support you need to create a successful learning environment for your child.

You will also gain skills that allow you to connect with your child's interests, and strategies to help your child take their interests to the next level.

This cohorot based couse will offer opportunities for you to connect with other parents on a similar journey as we build a community of curious, creative, parents and caregivers.

Your Self-Directed Education Journey Starts With A Forward-Thinking Community

Enter the gateway to Galileo. You can join the Parents Community, discover educational resources, and start your child’s application to Galileo. Empower your kids to love learning, thrive, and adapt to an ever-changing future.