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Empowering Your Kids To Be Self-Directed Is A Team Effort

Your family needs connection, support and feedback... Welcome to the Galileo parent’s community! Where there are answers and all the latest happenings in your child’s self-directed school.

You’re Not Alone On This journey!

Letting go of control and trusting your child: it’s vital for self-directed education to be successful, but it’s not always easy. The parent’s community is the place to find the support you’re looking for. When you get those much needed answers, you’ll be able to zoom out and capture the big picture of your child’s learning.

Galileo allows us to choose the right path for each child and allows families the ability to choose how, when, and where, and who is best equipped to teach their own kids. We've got to put the families in charge of the families, it's definitely a step that needs to be taken.

Daniel Prince, Galileo Parent

It becomes so important for us as parents to recognize those sparks and feed them. Take that little spark and suggest things that they might like along the same direction and offer resources. I make sure I’m trying to recognize what they’re doing and then provide opportunities for expansion, without pressuring them to do anything specific. An open communication with your child’s Learning Coach also gives the coach tools to support those sparks.

Julie, Galileo Parent

Everything that they've achieved in gaming, they've had to earn by working hard. I'd been kind of thinking, “it’s too much screen time”... But it was the first time that I'd really seen something so passion-driven. And the first time in this self-directed journey that I noticed if somebody is really passionate about something, they work hard to make it happen and learn how to reach that particular goal. I realized there was so much benefit in gaming.

Nadine, Galileo Parent

Online Community network

Meetups With Like-Minded Families

Join other parents and members of the Galileo team in virtual meetups. Whether you’re... bonding over parenting and education in our book club. Hopefully getting insights from our inspirEd events with experts in education. And finding out about the latest developments and learning experiences...

There’s always an opportunity to connect and be part of the community.

In Person Family Retreats

Attend Or Organize Transformational Family Gatherings

settling in with SDE

Make Your Transition Smooth And Seamless

The leap into a self-directed lifestyle can feel daunting, exciting, uncertain, and BIG... so our team is here to support you, wherever you are in this journey.

Content & Resources

How To Feel Confident With Your Choice

SDE is all about trusting the process of learning, but you have to understand the process first.

Our comprehensive SDE course will guide you through the philosophy and practice of SDE, so that you can relax and know that your child is learning. Even if you might worry that they’re not.

Resources for Galileo parents
Resources for Galileo parents
100 Day Support

Ongoing Support For Your First 100 Days

When you start with Galileo, you will have 100 days of personalized support during the transition. Never more than an email away, your child’s learning coach will keep in touch to answer any questions and share all of the perks that Galileo offers your family.

Your child will be paired with a Galileo student so that they can hear from another kid about their experience. And after 100 days, your child’s coach will still be your point of contact for all things Galileo.

Student Timeline

Learning Progress Made Simple For Those Who Need To Know

Learning might be self-directed, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsupported. You and your child will be able to meet with your child’s learning coach to discuss progress and review their learning timeline. Easily export the evidence, so that you can get ahead of the questions about your child’s education.

Skills Matrix
Case Study

The Wearys Found Their Perfect Education Partner In Galileo

            I've been doing this for so long, I feel really confident about what I'm doing. I don't worry about the “risk” of not having my kids in traditional school. But there's a lot for parents to learn on how you can be involved in your kid’s experience, and then remove yourself really slowly. You need to know how to give support, so that your kids are working independently in the end. And, you know, that's what I'm finding now with my 16-year-old. She is off and running all by herself. And it is so gratifying.”
Read Their Story

Your Self-Directed Education Journey Starts With A Forward-Thinking Community

Enter the gateway to Galileo. You can join the Parents Community, discover educational resources, and start your child’s application to Galileo. Empower your kids to love learning, thrive, and adapt to an ever-changing future.