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A Summer of Self-Discovery

Your kids'll love this camp. They get to follow their passions, meet others from around the world, and enjoy awesome online live learning experiences.

Finally they can discover their own learning style, with Galileo.

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All session are online, available everywhere in the world.
2 months for $600. All Inclusive. Limited Availability.

Our Unschooling Student Video

What You'll Get in this Summer Experience

Is Galileo a good fit for my children?
When you are ready to move from exploring unschooling to actually embracing the approach, you can join our free Self-Directed Education course to help you understand all the benefits.
Can this structure replace school?
Unschooling is a form of homeschooling, and homeschooling is legal in the US and many other countries but not everywhere in the world. Join our community of parents from around the world to help you get it started.
How can I adapt as a parent?
We believe every child is unique and each deserves the best possible personalized education. With our approach your child can choose what they want to learn. And when they do, they can accelerate their learning process.
Can I get the right support?
We have hundreds of unschooling families from around the world using our online platform year-round. They as well as our team of world class educators are on hand to help your family learn more about the benefits of self-directed learning.

A Summer of Learning
Just for Fun!

We know it's hard to travel now, but imagine a program where your kids can connect with kids from all over the world.

We Love Live Learning
Join the Experience of a Lifetime

During summer camp, your children will have access to all our live learning experiences. Here are just a few of them.
Summer Camp

Start your Summer of
Freedom with Galileo

Summer with Galileo

This Summer Camp your children can expand their offline learning experiences, such as regular library use, theater, dance, museums, sports, or field trips.

With our program your children can learn so much more

  1. How to become an entrepreneur
  2. How to create and not just consume content and technology
  3. How to develop artistic skills
  4. How to become a global citizen

What Our Students Love About Galileo

Our Unschooling Student Video

Don't stop learning this Summer. Join Galileo.

Join thousands of families from around the world and get access to the most forward-thinking learning experiences for your children.