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How do modern active families educate their children with the help of Galileo?
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Celestine Ukpere on Homeschooling in Kenya

As a digital business consultant and a World Economic Forum skills and edtech expert, homeschooling mom Celestine Ukpere acknowledges that technology is and will continue to be an integral part of her children’s lives. She shares in this webinar how important it is to prepare this generation for the fourth industrial revolution by adopting an education model that is as relevant and innovative as what she has found with Galileo. She shares why families should focus on adopting a skills-based learning philosophy rather than certificate-based learning that is offered by traditional schools and institutions.

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Mareile Paley on Homeschooling & Life in Movement

Watch our newest on-demand webinar featuring Mareile Paley talking about how her German/French family has been living a life as global citizens. Mareile and her husband never really planned to homeschool their children full-time. But as freelancing creatives, their work required them to travel often and they found homeschooling as a perfect solution. Mareile shares how Galileo provides an ideal way for her sons to continuously learn in a self-directed manner while living their carefree, out-of-the-box, and adventurous lifestyle.

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Chanel Morales of Digital Nomad Mums

Chanel Morales talks about how Galileo helps her focus on her business without feeling “mom guilt” and how her daughter learns relevant skills for the future and have a sense of community with other global kids despite their digital nomadic lifestyle.

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Karen King of Worldschooling Central

Join us to learn how Aussie Mom Karen King of Worldschooling Central is using Galileo to give her kids the chance to learn the most interesting topics while they travel the world.

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Didi & Romaine Taihuttu of The Bitcoin Family

Join us to learn how The Bitcoin Family sold everything, put it all into Bitcoin to travel the world and live a more free, adventurous and minimalistic lifestyle. Hear about how Galileo is helping their three daughters learn in a self-directed manner.

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Montessori to Homeschooling and Self-directed Learning

Caroline Bergman talks about opting for more freedom in her children’s education through homeschooling and self-directed learning. She shares how Galileo helps her kids be more accountable and in charge of their learning.