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The Best of Both Worlds
Online and In-Person Learning

Our in-person Local Dojos are ready to amplify your child's worldschooling experience. Make the world their classroom, enjoy flexibility as you travel the world, immerse into local communities and give your kids the skills they'll use for life.


At a Local Dojo you can...

  • Enroll your kids in unique programs, from building robots to learning about the local history and culture

  • Choose experiences that fit your family's lifestyle and interests

  • Immerse in the local community and get an insider's experience with Dojo hosts and students

  • Continue the Galileo online learning experiences that your child(ren) love, while travelling

With Galileo you can...

  • Finally see your child(ren) loving their learning experiences because they're personalized

  • Spend more joyful time with your family instead of struggling with a rigid online school format

  • Connect with other forward-thinking and globally-minded students and parents around the world

  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing a tuition plan that suits your family's budget and schedule

Our Dojos

Opening Soon

MakerKID Learning Hub

Cluj, Romania

Rainbow Garden Limbach

Limbach, Slovakia

UFBC Learning Space

Leonardsville, New York, USA

Ad Astra Agile Learning Center

Orlando, Florida, USA

PA Learning Hub

Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Innato Centro de Creación

Alicante Province, Spain

Saturday Kids Hatchery Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Saturday Kids Hatchery Singapore (Bukit Timah)

Singapore, Singapore

Dojo Mosi

Nairobi, Kenya

Oak Hill Learning Hub

Hudson, Wisconsin, USA

Royce Royal Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Cabo Learning Center

Sesimbra, Portugal

Espinhal, Portugal

Esphinal, Portugal

Watch This to Learn
How to Worldschool With Galileo

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