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Worldschooling FAQ:

Need to know before You Go

How to worldschool for freedom, partner with Galileo, and keep living the lifestyle you love

Stop trying to fit into “the norm”. Start a journey that just fits.

How do we start Worldschooling?

Book a meeting with one of our consultants who will discover your unique needs and the best solutions for your family. Get a customized plan of learning experiences around the world based on your family's interests. Then book your tickets!

How will our kids learn with Galileo?

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet access, your children will be able to tap into our live learning sessions. When you make a big time-zone change, they may change to a different cohort but they’ll have access to the same learning experiences, platform and system.

What is a Local Dojo?

A Dojo (which means “Place of the way” in Japanese) is what we’re calling the various in-person microschools, self-directed learning centers, makers spaces, worldschool hubs and local homeschooling pods that we are partnering with. These Dojos are located all around the world. Your child can interact with local kids while doing hands-on projects and fun learning activities that aren’t done online as easily.

How will this hybrid Galileo + Local Dojo program work?

Your child will be dual-enrolled in both Galileo Online School and the Local Dojo. Say you want to enroll your child in Galileo for an entire year and change Local Dojos every few months. That is definitely possible! You’ll drop off your child at the Dojo in the morning and they will spend some time doing hands-on activities with the local students and facilitators. While, at other times, doing their own personal learning followed by Galileo online sessions using their device.

How much does Worldschooling cost?

You can worldschool in a variety of ways and budgets. If you choose to visit countries that have a lower cost of living than your home country, this lifestyle can be less expensive than living back at home. We’ve seen many families traveling and worldschooling for less than $30,000 USD a year and others who spend well over $100,000.

Can we worldschool only using Galileo Online School?

Of course! But we think the best worldschooling experience is when your family can completely immerse in the local culture. Not easy to do if you don’t already have local connections. Our Dojo Founders are passionate educators and eager to share their knowledge of their area and the local culture with families like yours.

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