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The Global, Forward-Thinking School For Self-Directed Learners

Unlock real skills, get personalized mentorship, and collaborate with students across the world.

World-class, online education empowering 7 global learning centres. For kids aged 8-18.

Our Promise

Traditional Schools Tackle Today’s Problems With Yesterday’s Concepts And Last Decade's Tools

Galileo is the opposite of "cookie-cutter" education. Self-directed and personalized learning is designed to help your child thrive in a fast-changing, global future. Uncover what schools can't teach them: a passion for lifelong learning.

When we decided to homeschool both our sons, I knew that we couldn’t do it in a traditional way or by ourselves. Galileo was our support all along this journey. It opened different doors that we didn’t think about before. My boys feel at home now with Galileo’s community of adults and children. I am really happy with how it turned out and excited about all the improvements that they keep adding to the platform. Thank you to the entire Galileo family!

Kaoutar, Galileo Parent

Student Experience

The Most Flexible And Personalized Learning for Children Everywhere

The self-directed program for 8-18 year olds to learn from home, the road, and across the globe. Choose your own adventure from 100+ Learning Experiences.

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Learning Coaches

Design A Curriculum With Insightful Learning Coaches

Twice a month your child will have access to 1-on-1 coaching sessions where they can discuss interests, discover passions and get support on projects. With personalized support they’ll set goals while they design their own curriculum, and enjoy the freedom to create their own learning journey.


Four Core Pillars, Endless Possibilities

Go deep or go wide. Your child can explore their unique talents and interests with our exciting and relevant range of topics. Galileo enables them to discover what topics are valuable to them and to decide what will prepare them for their future.

I started the stop-motion bootcamp where Svet told me about animation, I joined because I wanted to see how animation works and I fell in love with animating immediately! Now I have a youtube channel where I post every 1/2 days.

Joshua, Galileo Student - Age 11 (2021)

Student community

Steady Friendships, Even In Times Of Change

Your child will meet friends from foreign and familiar cultures in our virtual spaces, like Galileo Agora. Find study pals and collaborate with 250+ students across 30+ different countries. When they’re ready, share new creations with the Galileo community - celebrating success is sweeter with good friends.

Local dojos

Dynamic Learning, Online And In Person

This hybrid education model gives your family the choice: when and where do you want to build projects or build a home? Visit our in-person learning centers all over the world, while your kids self-pace their learning online (or while on the road). Finally, a program that fits into your family rhythm.

Learn more about Dojos.

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Parent experience

Self-Directed Learning Made Easier With A Forward-Thinking Community

Honoring your child’s curiosity and adopting self-directed education can be an adjustment. That’s why we built a village to help raise your self-directed learner.

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Student Showcase

Celebrate The Results Of A Self-Directed Approach

Celebrate our students’ learning progress. Your kids can showcase their new skills and passions with their friends. Passion-led, project-based learning drives them to become the great makers and creators of tomorrow.

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family guidance

Personalized Support While You Settle In

Get highly personalized support all year round based on your family’s needs. Within the first 100 days facilitators check in with you 1-on-1 and provide feedback on your child’s progress. Attend monthly Q&As with experts and meet other parents to build your family’s global network.

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Parent Network

A Forward-Thinking Community To Share With Your Kids

Dive into the online community with unschoolers, worldschoolers, and homeschoolers. Get advice, share your experiences, and make connections with likeminded parents from around the world. And finally get the answers you’ve been looking for!

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Parenting Resources

Opportunities To Nurture Your Growth Mindset

A library of educational resources is at your fingertips. Join our inspirEd events and find articles from our experts who are shaping the future of education. With the right tools, your family can turn anything into a fantastic learning opportunity.

forward-thinking families

Galileo Is For You

Galileo is for families who want to see their child's passions put into practice. They want to prepare their kids for a fast-changing world. Our community is diverse but Galileo would be especially relevant for the following families.

Home/Unschooling Families

You've tried the schooling at home routine. Or wish you could, but found yourself mixing and swapping solutions. Choose just one that gives your family a structured approach and access to feedback, while you get the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling and unschooling.

Expat or Nomad Families

For those who want to travel the world or start a life somewhere new. Bring the best online experience with you while you worldschool and explore different cultures at one of our many local dojos. These global, hybrid learning centers are gearing up to host you.

Innovative Families

You know that traditional schools and the old education system doesn't support your child's development. To turn their ideas into reality, explore curiosities, and prepare them for the future, they need something personalized.

Crypto Families

Accepting BTC, ETH

Your family is as forward-thinking as they come. You know that the future is decentralized, outside the box, and needs a radical approach. Join a school that’s paving the way for a new system and challenging the traditional model.

After three years of searching for the best solution for your family that is always traveling, always on the go, always unstructured... That was the first time I was thinking "wow, this could really, really fit our family well.

Didi Taihuttu, Galileo Parent

Self-directed learning really speaks to me. It makes so much sense. Whereas sitting at a desk listening to a talking head, doing really boring stuff that you have no interest in, and then paying a lot of money makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Sue Tucker-Davis, Galileo Parent

The Leading Edge School For Personalized, Self-Directed Learning

✅ The traditional model doesn't support your child's curiosity - choose a learning program that is personalized, so they can discover their passions.

✅ An online and in-person model of education that gives your family the freedom and flexibility you've been searching for (travel the world? yes please!)

✅ Your family might raise their eyebrows at first. Once they see how motivated your kids are, they'll have to know why the kids love school so much.

✅ You'll get to see your kids’ passions shine during community events, where they can showcase their skills, ideas, and projects.

✅ You have access to TONS of educational resources, and get all the family time back that you missed in between commuting and school schedules.

✅ Is it that crazy to want it all? Your ideal family lifestyle, happy kids, and a supportive, global network? We don't think so.

What Families Are Saying On The Wall of Love ❤️

Your Self-Directed Education Journey Starts With A Forward-Thinking Community

Enter the gateway to Galileo. You can join the Parents Community, discover educational resources, and start your child’s application to Galileo. Empower your kids to love learning, thrive, and adapt to an ever-changing future.

Your Questions Answered

- How can I be sure my child will learn enough at Galileo?

Who gets to decide what is “enough”?

When kids are interested in a subject, they will learn all there is to know about it. If you’ve ever lived with a Pokemon fan, you’ll know the depth those kids can develop when engaged. Interest and inspiration will always lead to learning. The key is to make sure your kids can access the topics they are interested in.

Galileo offers learning experiences on a huge range of topics. There are some more “traditional” curriculum subjects, and there are also exciting topics that kids might not have had access to until college.

+ How do you ensure that children learn when there is no testing?

Have you ever done well in a test, but not really remembered anything you’ve learned? School tests show the ability to perform well at tests.

The child with exam anxiety could fail the exam, but know more about the topic than the teacher.

The beauty of self-directed learning is that you will see your child’s learning as they are doing it through a project-based model. We hear from a lot of parents that their children eagerly share their learning, talking endlessly about the new things they are discovering and exploring.

And if you ever have any concerns, you can speak to the check-in facilitator to see if your child needs any extra support.

+ Will Galileo prepare my child for college?

This is one of the most common concerns about alternative schooling. How will kids get to go to college if they don’t follow a mainstream school route?

Research by Peter Gray and Gina Riley in 2014 showed that unschooled kids who want to go to college are able to thrive in more structured academic environments. Unschooled kids are already used to being self-motivated and directed. So they adapt well to the academic demands of college.

*At Galileo, we have a partnership with West River Academy who offers accreditation, transcripts, and diplomas. If you want more focused attention and exam support for your child, you can join our Pro Academics program where your child will get all the support they need to pass tests and study core subjects.

+ Do I have to commit to a full year? What if my child doesn’t enjoy it?

We offer a flexible, monthly subscription so that your family can have the freedom to stay or go depending on how your child likes the structure and offerings. We often see families opting in for a yearly plan (because of the savings) after a month or two when their child is fully invested and loving it!

We can pause your tuition subscription for a minimum of one month or however long is needed. We can hold your children's spots in their current class for one month but anything longer than that, we will put them in a class that has space available for their age group.

+ My child is nervous about online learning and meeting new kids through Zoom.

All students have a different level of comfort on camera and we understand that your child may be nervous about showing their face on a Zoom call.

Having the camera off makes it more difficult to meet and get to know your new friends! But students can ease into it.

Each student is assigned an individual Learning Coach who they meet while onboarding to Galileo. Their coach will support them in working through their nervousness.

+ Can children go back into the “traditional” system after doing at-home education?

One of the things that self-directed learners are great at is knowing how to learn! Those "how to learn" skills are critical for success and might mean they find traditional schooling easy.

If a student voluntarily reenters traditional schooling, it's still self-directed education because they are making that choice freely. The path to reintegration may not be straight, but it is very much possible.

+ How much screen time will this program have?

Families should recognize that most of our program happens online and to get the full experience, the students likely have to spend a few hours in front of their screen each day. However, this is ACTIVE, not passive, screen usage. The kids are engaging with their peers, building 3D modeling creations, learning about and debating various topics, and many other cool things!

*The average Galileo student spends between 30 minutes to about five hours in live Galileo activities each day. The exact time varies based on the number of Learning Experiences (LXPs) a student chooses and on which days those activities fall.

+ How can I trust my child to choose their own topics to learn?

We can say with certainty that the mindset shift into self-directed education is definitely ongoing! The first step is to challenge the idea of being "behind." What definition are you comparing your student to?

The second step is to challenge the definition of what learning really is. Learning can appear in many different ways and places.

The third step is to trust the process. While the end goal may be to see your child take control of their life and learning, this does not have to happen overnight. But with time and guidance it will.

+ Will my child learn how to socialize?

Galileo is an incredibly active, online and in-person community where kids can discover their social side. Spaces like Galileo Agora and Clubs are designed to give students opportunities to socialize while they’re learning

When your family goes to visit our in-person learning centers (the Dojos), your kids will have the opportunity to meet their virtual friends around the world!