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Intermediate-Advanced Spanish Club

We meet weekly, discuss, have fun together and exchange our knowledge to help students strengthen their Spanish skills and gain the confidence to talk with native Spanish speakers.
By Keila Moreno - Club Leader


Club Experience

Being in the intermediate-advanced Spanish club means you’ve finally mastered the Spanish Basic club, and you want to take your speaking and comprehension skills in Spanish to the next level. This Club will be a great experience, not only to practice the Spanish you already know but to improve and challenge yourself with all the tools available to hold a conversation with Spanish native speakers in different environments (trips, business, work, hangouts, and more). Get your suitcases ready to speak to and meet Spanish speakers from all over the world!


* Europe / Asia Meetup: Mondays at 1 pm GMT  
* America Meetup: Mondays at 11 am PST

Learning Goals

Are you looking forward to speaking Spanish even more fluently?

The Intermediate-Advanced Spanish club is going to encourage you to Speak in Spanish for the entire duration of the club session. During each club session, you’ll speak Spanish exclusively, exciting right? Think and Speak in Spanish more often. You’re not only going to learn how to improve your Spanish speaking skills but also get to learn from other Spanish Speaking cultures like people from Spain, Latin America, and many other countries.

About the Club Teacher

Keila Moreno is passionate about languages, she has been teaching languages (English for 4 years) and she is also a Native Spanish Speaker who understands how human beings learn languages.

She used to work in a bilingual school and has accomplished the one goal of a language program, making sure that those who are part of it, can learn the language they joined to learn.

She hosts a Spanish show with her co-host and partner, called Love, Truth and Peace on Youtube. This show is broadcasted in, can you guess, Spanish of course! Keila owns an online store with her sisters and holds a degree in marketing and advertising. One of her many hats is also that she is doing Public Relations work for a Music Company.

Other Resources

This club uses resources tailored appropriate to the Spanish group’s needs. Links, documents, and supplementary materials will be added to the club directory as required. Duolingo and Mango Languages are also great resources to reinforce.

Time Required

Outside of the hour, you spend in the club the best answer is; “It depends”! There is no prep for the club, where you go with what you learn is up to you.

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