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Future Club

A club from the future is a space in galileo devoted to all of those dreamers or doers who want to design the future and write a better story for the world.
By Yhosemar Mendez - Club Leader


Club Experience

A club from the future is a space in galileo devoted to all of those dreamers or doers who want to design the future and write a better story for the world.

In this club, we will make ourselves comfortable while igniting our creativity, creating concepts, and more importantly, sharing them with the world. We will use futurology (a social science parallel to history that deals with future possibilities based on current trends) and design sprints (a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when presenting a new product, service, or feature to the market)

This club will require a monthly commitment on your part. We will choose a theme which we will re-design. This will be our design journey where we will brainstorm some awesome futuristic concepts.

It doesn’t matter if we rethink amusement parks, food delivery, or houses on the moon, every month will be an adventure where we will learn about different industries and we’ll use your grain of sand to change the world as we know it.


* Europe / Asia Meetup: Thursdays at 1 pm GMT  
* America Meetup: Thursdays at 1 pm PST

Learning Goals

* Encourage student creativity and strengthen design skills
* Help students visualize and prototype alternatives to the future (ie. scenario planning, futurology).
* Get familiar with the design sprint framework to brainstorm innovative concepts.
* Think critically about our place in a global society. 

About the Club Teacher

Yhosemar is a successful innovation consultant and market researcher. Since 2017, She worked with consulting companies to help them foresee new opportunities, test novel ideas, and get to know their customers and users.

She has a background in chemical engineering, agro-food sciences, and innovation. She lived in more than 6 different countries, traveled to more than 12 innovation hubs in a global mission to seek innovations in 2017. Her clients include TetraPak, Tesla, and P&G.

Yhosemar has been teaching since 2018 when she started her journey as an undergraduate lecturer at the University of Natural Resources of Vienna (BOKU). Recently Yhosemar has been helping startups and entrepreneurs by using these innovative approaches to co-create, test their products, and find their desired market.

In Galileo, Yhosemar serves as learning experience director and mentor in subjects such as innovation, negotiation, food studies, and Spanish language learning.

Other Resources

PC, access to google slides, miro and jam board, paper, post-its scissors, camera or mobile phone, markers, patience, and the motivation to try new things.

Time Required

50 minutes of live classes/week and we recommend between 30 min to 2 hours of research or hands-on activities weekly.

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