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Graphic Design & Photo Editing

This nanocourse will introduce students to Graphic Design and Photo Editing subjects.
By Annie Heilner - Teacher


Course Description

This nanocourse will introduce students to Graphic Design and Photo Editing subjects.

Learning Goals

Students will learn design principles and “Pixlr,” web-based editing and design software. Students will experiment and have the opportunity to create their design projects. The class’s final project will be making a creative and fantastic personal identification (ID) badge (like a driver’s license or student ID but with their vision and interests).

Week 1: Introduction to Graphic Design in Pixlr

  • Basic concepts - Principles of Design (line, shape, form, texture, balance)
  • Where do we see graphic design in the world?
  • Get to know your software, “Pixlr.”
  • Final Project Introduction: Create Your Own Creative Personal Identification Badge

Week 2: Photo Editing Basics & Color in Graphic Design

  • How to edit photos in Pixlr, common and uncommon photo adjustments
  • Color Schemes and adjusting colors of photos/designs
  • Practice Photo Editing in Pixlr

Week 3: **Typography (fonts and readability), Overall Composition **

  • Learn how to arrange text to convey a clear message.
  • Explore how to choose font combinations and create balance using text.
  • Practice using fonts in Pixlr

Week 4: Project’s Presentation

  • Present your Creative Personal Identification Badge- a pocket-sized representation of you!
  • Include a photo or symbol that represents you.
  • List your interests, skills, and personal attributes. Use the color scheme of your choice.
  • Arrange the elements (photo or symbol, words, and colors) to make a balanced composition that is pleasant for the viewer.

About the Facilitator

Annie is a multifaceted artist from Dallas, Texas, whose early work began in the music industry, making commissioned concert posters and album covers with six years of professional experience. She continued to build an extensive portfolio of graphic design and photographic work. In 2017 Annie moved to New York, where she worked with accredited artists in music and fashion and honed her skills as a designer. In 2019 she moved to Los Angeles, where she continues to work in fashion and design.

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