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Maintaining a Successful YouTube Channel

Tips and tricks to becoming an EPIC, successful YouTuber
By Tyler Allen - Youtuber



Tips and tricks to becoming an EPIC, successful YouTuber


* Understand the process of maintaining a popular growing YouTube channel
* Learn basic video editing skills
* Learn basic thumbnail design skills
* Understand how to become a YouTube Partner and achieve monetization

Plan per Weeks

Week 1: Introduction to the topic

* Basic concepts 
* A:  Examples of famous YouTube channels and why (learning from my failed channel attempts)
* B:   Some channels are successful and others are not (tips and tricks)

Student Assignment: Make a channel and choose its theme.

Week 2: All About Recording + Editing and Thumbnails

*A: Recording a video (scripted and non-scripted)
*B: Video editing tips and tricks 
*C: Thumbnail designing

Student Assignment: Record a short (less than 2 minute) video, make small edits

Week 3: Uploading and Dashboard

*A: Uploading (tags, title, description)
*B: Good communication with viewers (comments and replies)
*C: Have a clean and well arranged channel dashboard (video arrangement and channel banner)

Student Assignment: Design a thumbnail for the video you made and upload video

Week 4: Monetization and Assignment Reviews

  *A: Monetization process (how it works)
  *B: Highlight various students’ assignments (videos and thumbnails)

About the Facilitator

Tyler Allen is a monetized YouTuber with a growing channel . He currently has over 6,000 subscribers and over 800,000 total views. His channel quickly grew in 2020 from 1,500 views monthly to over 140,000. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with enthusiasm. For example, Tyler was the winner of the Regional Heritage Fair in Saskatchewan. Tyler also won the public French-speaking competition from the Canadian Parents for French Saskatchewan. He enjoys performing. In the past, he would busk in front of public crowds as he sang and played the ukulele. In addition, Tyler is skilled at using video, photo, and audio editing software such as Reaper, DaVinci Resolve 16, and Photoshop.

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