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How to Create Your Own Podcast

This nanocourse will be all about learning the skills students will need to create and publish their first podcast episode.
By Torsten Klaus - Teacher



There are about 1.75 million podcasts live worldwide. Politics, history, art, sports, tech, AI, society, music - listeners can tune in to their favorite topic and learn about things that interest them. Podcasts are the perfect way to talk about something you feel passionate about. You become your own broadcaster.

Additionally, you can interview the right people to inspire you and your listeners. Podcasts can do so much more! Why not invite a few incredible guests to an episode for a lively debate?

This nanocourse will be all about learning the skills students will need to create and publish their first podcast episode.

We will look at how to structure a podcast episode, record a podcast episode, and add a jingle or background music. Before the episode gets published, students can also design their unique podcast cover.


* For students to understand how podcasts work
* To set topics and understand how to do research
* To get familiar with the technical side of producing a podcast
* For students to create their specialized podcast episode
* To create a cover design for the podcast
* To publish the podcast

Plan per Weeks

**Week 1: Welcome to the World of Podcasts: Become your own Broadcaster **

* Basic concepts
* Students will talk about personal experiences and their expectations
* Overview of how to structure a podcast episode
* Introduction to audacity, anchor, and equipment

Week 2: Mic On - Let’s Get Rolling

*Production time: script, recording

Week 3: The Fine-Tuning

*Finishing recording/audio editing/mixing
*Creating art cover
*Set up to publish and distribute

Week 4: Let’s Tell The World

*Upload / distribution
*Outlook - next episode?

About the Facilitator

Torsten Klaus is a father to three wonderful homeschooled children. As a young boy he fell in love with a typewriter, a cassette recorder, glue stick and paper. The results were hand made newspapers and audiobook stories. His audience and family members were one in the same thing. A few years later Torsten turned his passion into a profession. He became a journalist (TV productions in Berlin) and learned all about editing, screen writing and interviewing people.

After moving to the UK, Torsten also started working in education with children and families (UK NVQ Level III). He has been working in education for settings in the UK, Austria and Portugal for about 15 years.

Torsten is also extremely passionate about outdoor learning fun! That’s why he founded the “Wild Dads UK” outdoor group and also facilitated outdoor learning sessions for the Permaculture Association UK.

Torsten was born in East Germany (GDR) and has since lived in seven countries. In 2015 he published his book “The Empathic Father” (OTF, London). He is writing for parenting magazines in the UK, Australia, NZ and the US.

Torsten produces video and graphic content for companies in Austria, Spain and the UK and he runs Filmmaking and Debate Clubs for our global online platform, Galileo.

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