Entrepreneurship as a fundamental skill for the future

At Galileo, we believe our kids should be exposed to what we consider the fundamental skills for the future. But, because everything we do is only inspirational and not mandatory we need to find the most passionate teachers to inspire our students to teach them new skills.
By Vlad Stan - Co-Founder & CEO

We are thrilled to announce that we convinced Stacey Pierce from Kids to market a program that helps kids from ages 6 to 18 to learn how to launch a real product and to give them the most important aspects of what it means to be an entrepreneur from such a young age. She runs her program successfully with 500 students and is now leading the Start Your Own business Nanodegree at Galileo.

This Nanodegree will only be available in May and June. If you missed it,we have plans to launch it again soon. Make sure you join Galileo today because we have so many new and interesting things coming up.