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Our Culture

We are a group of passionate educators, developers, designers, and of course, parents, from around the world who were driven to build an online educational platform that children will love and excel in.


Raison d’être

At Galileo, our raison d’être is to radically change traditional education, to give students and their families the freedom to choose their own learning paths.

Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy is that education is a lifelong process, and most successful when students can be independent, self-directed, self-organized learners.

All our programs are designed to help students practice independent thinking, and to inspire them to explore skills we think are fundamental to success in the future: entrepreneurship, technology, and global citizenship.

Our Culture

We understand human beings are part of a global community, so we've built Galileo to serve students wherever they are in the world.

We use technology to to help bring people together to share ideas, work on projects and grow as creators, not just consumers.

Our passion for learning goes into everything we do at Galileo so we can inspire the same passion in our students!