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What technology do I need to join Galileo?

There are a few ways to think about this. If you already have some devices for your children to use at home, it often makes sense to continue using these devices and know what, if any, limitations there will be. If you plan to purchase new devices for their participation in Galileo, we can help you decide what will allow your child the most freedom without limitations.


A device running web browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

Internet Connection

Internet connection with 20Mb or more. You can check your speed. This speed allows for video conferencing at fast.com

Webcam and microphone

Whether it's built into the device or external, it will be required for video conferencing.

Gmail/G-Suite account

Some of our 3rd party services are based on Google accounts, therefore you will need either a Gmail or G-Suite account.

Email account for you and child

Both you and your child will need an email to participate in classes. Tip: You can use gmail aliases for your child's account, if you would like to share one.

The Latest Operating System

For some of our more advanced offerings, your child will need a device running Windows 10, Ubuntu, or a recent version of Mac OS. Some softwares used in these offerings may have graphics card requirements as well.


Not ideal. Screen sharing on zoom can be difficult, some free programs we use in clubs such as Tinkercad for 3D modeling are more difficult to navigate on tablets, and some programs simply cannot run on tablets (such as Advanced 3D software, code editors, etc). Additionally, some online connection games don’t run well on tablets. iPads can be used to attend daily check-ins and most activities that are discussion-based, but are not a recommended primary device. They can be a great secondary device for using certain apps in your child’s learning journey, such as Duolingo or digital art applications.


Acceptable, somewhat limiting. Chromebooks can be used well for daily check-ins, discussion-based clubs (such as Book Club), and any web-based clubs participation (such as 3D modeling with Tinkercad or Music Club with BandLab). Chromebooks cannot download any advanced softwares that we use (such as Blender for Advanced 3D Modeling, Unity for Game Development, or Adobe Creative Cloud). They don’t have the storage space or processing power for these advanced apps which can be limiting for participating in a small number of our more advanced clubs/nanocourses/bootcamps, as well as independent endeavors your child may wish to add to their learning plan.

Recent Windows/Mac/Linux laptop or desktop

Ideal. A device running Windows 10, Mac OS Catalina (mid 2012 or later) or Linux (any mainstream distribution) will be able to run any and all softwares we will use for Galileo. 4-16 GB RAM (or more), Intel i5-4590/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X (or greater) processor, and a graphics card with 4 GB RAM will run things smoothly and allow full participation in Galileo Clubs as well as most softwares your child may add to their learning plan.


To use Oculus Link for our VR Game Development programs only a powerful computer running Windows 10 will be compatible. Graphics card is especially important for this option.

Other recommended technology

A comfortable headset with a nice microphone is recommended. A mouse with a clickable scroll wheel is also useful for many clubs and activities. For advanced softwares, a mouse with a scroll wheel and a keyboard with a number pad may be required to participate.

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